331 Pump Control Panel

3 Phase, 3 Voltages, 1 Panel


The 331 Lift Station Control Panel is designed to be simple, yet versatile for all of your standard duplex application needs.  One control panel covers three phase, three volts for an unbelievable value!  “Fit and Click” the appropriate overload module into the starter and you are off and running. 

  • Padlockable wall mount NEMA 4X enclosure (stainless steel or fiberglass)
  • Single-point power connection (NE models include an additional 120V power connection for the alarm circuit)
  • IEC HP rated motor starter with adjustable overload module
  • 10HP max @ 208V; 240V
  • 20HP max @ 480V
  • Class 10 ambient compensated overload relay
  • Pump short circuit disconnect and overload reset accessible through the inner door
  • Tri-voltage step-down control transformer
  • Separate alarm/control fuses (NE models include separate breaker for circuit protection)
  • Override circuit to operate lag pump if lead fails
  • Alternator relay for even run time
  • 22mm pilot devices with engraved labels
  • Seal leak circuits for single or double probe pumps
  • Red flashing alarm beacon and audible horn (NE models include an amber beacon)
  • Pump run lights
  • Seal leak lights
  • Alarm silence/test push button
  • Hand-Off-Auto selector switches
  • Auxiliary contact
  • Overtemp shutdown for motor winding temperature switches (auto reset)
  • 16 AWG MTW control wire
  • Color coded control wires to aid in troubleshooting
  • Lag delay timing relay
  • Elapsed time meters
  • Standard 4 float operation (off, lead start, lag start, high level)
  • Waterproof electrical schematic affixed to the door
  • Document pocket for all component information


OPTIONS (customer installed)


  • Secondary surge arrestor with mounting bracket
  • Pedestal (painted steel, stainless steel, and aluminum)



331SS            Stainless Steel Wall Mount NEMA 4X Enclosure
331FG            Fiberglass Wall Mount NEMA 4X Enclosure

331SS-NE       Stainless Steel Wall Mount NEMA 4X Enclosure, 

                      Amber Beacon, Alarm Breaker

331FG-NE       Fiberglass Wall Mount NEMA 4X Enclosure, 
                      Amber Beacon, Alarm Breaker


1033805     1.25 - 5.0 FLA
1023500     4.5 - 18.0 FLA
1033806     8.0 - 32.0 FLA

*Overload Modules sold separately; based on motor.




331 Control Panel Data Sheet